5 Things to Consider before Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Photography is an art that has the mystic ability to freeze moments which in turn indulge us into reminiscing how rich the reality was. Wedding photography, capturing one of the most joyous events in a person’s life span, deserves a lot of skill and perfection. Are you muddled on choosing the photographer for your dream wedding? We got you covered. This blog will walk you through the factors to consider when you skim upon the portfolios of the wedding photographers in the market.


The first thing that catches your attention when you start scudding through a photographer’s portfolio is the quality of the images. Each image showcases the photographer’s skill at the disposal. The variety of styles, light exposures, and angles speaks large volumes about how capable the photographer is at capturing the tiny adorable moments that occur very frequently in a wedding event. Don’t forget to check out their portfolios to before you choose them for your big day.

The technical expertise

Technical efficiency of any craftsman should always be the emphasis when we zero down on him. Every photographer should be aware of using all the photography equipment, especially during a traditional photography session. Many photographers falter, when it comes to knowing the critical customs and rituals that should be part of a wedding photo album. If he loses focus for a second, he misses an important moment to be captured. In a country like India where there are vast cultural differences amongst the diverse ethnic groups, it is indeed a herculean task to be cognizant of all the rituals that are specific and critical to each community. This is where you can filter the better amongst the best.

Trust concerns

Before we choose a photographer, we always put a truckload of trust over him, that he will portray our personalities in the best way possible on our special day. Intimate moments in a wedding need some forthright shots which speaks a lot about the bonding we share with our loved ones. Also, they need to identify the angles in which we and our makeovers look at their prime. Any lag in these parameters would result in a banal end product making us a laughing stock amongst our peers.

Value for your money

Though wedding photography is a fine art, it doesn’t mean that one should spend a fortune to get the best amongst the business. Higher quotations don’t guarantee you a better end product or a photographer rendering his services at a competitive price doesn’t mean that his work is inferior. It is a bad idea to go by the quotation of a photographer; rather it is better to go by the service they offer and to value whether their services are worth the tariff they quote.

Photographers endorsed by our well-wishers

It is always a safe bet to go with the photographer endorsed by our friends and well-wishers. If they are satisfied with the work they got from the photographer, then the chances are high that you might be happy with their skill too. Check for the feedback and testimonials received from their customers. It also adds up to our hunt. Last but not least, get to know their charges and plan your expenses accordingly.


Hope this blog had answered all your doubts on choosing a wedding photographer. Choose wisely to freeze the best moments in your lives. Happy Marriage!