Let’s Celebrate the Man Behind Every Woman on this Women’s Day

March 8th marks as International Women’s Day. On this day, we go on celebrating all the courageous and inspiring women around us who are shaping the world towards betterment. Every woman is disguised in the roles of Mother, Daughter, Wife, Sister, Friend, Girlfriend, throughout her life. The role she plays is inevitable despite the fact that women are nurtured in to be unique in every relationship. We, at Smiley Media, understand the significant bond between man and woman at every stage of lives. We focus on capturing it as well. Here’s


“Every man needs women when his life is a mess, because just like the game of chess- the queen protects the king.” – Mother Theresa


But… but… what’s a queen without her king?


We take this opportunity to celebrate every man behind a strong, confident woman. We have beautifully captured the moments which especially showcases the bonding in every relationship a woman shares with a man in her life.


When a woman becomes a mother she starts seeing a new life right from the beginning. The responsibilities are naturally developed once she gives birth. In a popular belief, the bonding between a mother and son is something beyond words. A smile on her son’s face is just enough for her to survive through the day.


Again in a popular belief, fathers and daughters are a blessing. The emotions they share are so unique. Every woman is a princess to her father regardless of age and every father is the first hero in a woman’s life. A woman feels safe and protected whenever a father is around her. A woman will at least look for one trait of her father in a man she’s going to spend her life with. That’s how impactful this special bonding is.


When a man is married to a woman he has got a partner for life who makes his life happy and joyful. And a woman is fortunate enough when she is married to a man who understands. Not just understand but support her, guide her and be a part of building a career of her own. Can you agree more?


A man as a brother can have an elder or younger sister but in either case, he is the first best friend a sister can ever have. The bond between a brother and a sister can sometimes be tightly woven and sometimes be loosely held but it is never broken. Being a sister and brother means being there for each other by any means.


A girl always needs a guy best friend in her life. Need I say more? No one can crack you like a best friend does when you feel low. Share your feelings with them, they’ll listen and however make you laugh in spite of your situation. So, go celebrate the Harry to your Hermione and never let them go even if the society judges you.

We wish that all women can see and respect every man behind her success too. Ask yourself this, “Do we really celebrate International Men’s Day as we celebrate Women’s Day?” In fact, how many of us know when it is celebrated? No, and it is high time we celebrate every man in our life.

Smiley Media celebrates men on this Women’s Day.

-Written by P’enthusiasts