Photographing Holi Festival – A Colourful Walk-through

One cannot have a dream and a nightmare at the same time. But, photographers experience both during the Holi festival.


Shooting a Holi festival is a dream to any shutterbug. He/She can make use of this colorful opportunity to unleash the true potential in oneself. That’s all about the dream.


Any guesses about the nightmare? Well, ‘Holi is Holy’ to others but not for the person who is shooting through the colors. One should take care of thyself, the gear and take perfect shots at the same time. Creepy, isn’t it?


This article will run through a few requisites to cherish the dream of photographing Holi festival without getting into the spell of the nightmare.  

All’bout Holi

Holi is a Hindu Festival celebrated on the first full moon day that falls every year during the month of (Phalgun) February to March. It is the greatest celebrations observed worldwide, also known as the festival of colors.

Where to shoot?

There are a lot of places in India where one can get spectacular shots of Holi festival. With a city like Chennai, Sowcarpet, a locality that has a majority of the North Indian population, is the right place to shoot Holi. One can get up ahead to the Mint Street in Sowcarpet with the gear to get the right Holi Shots. There are also other public places where the festival is hosted and celebrated.

How to prepare your camera?

While shooting the Holi festival, your camera should be watched and handled carefully. Here are a few tips to prepare your camera to face and click the splash of colors.

What all to be captured?

Knowing what to shoot will save you time and energy. You can also be effective in capturing the needed. So, here it is.

The Mass

It’s colored everywhere. Pick a point, stand high, get a glimpse of the splashing colors in the middle of the crowd and start to click the masses first.

The Colorful Faces

Get portraits of people’s faces colored in a bokeh mode.

The Kids

Happiness goes synonymous with kids. A photographer cannot miss clicking the joyful moments of children playing with colors.  

The Shops

Vibrant colors arranged in a solid array, set for sale and play. Isn’t it prismatic to imagine? When visualization can be so kaleidoscopic, how would it look when photographed? Go for shots that cover the shops selling color powders.

The Multihued Spirit

The spirit of celebration is outlived while celebrating any festival. With holy, this enthusiasm is given colors. Photographers atop, make it more memorable, freezing colors, time and emotions at a particular moment. So, this multihued spirit deserves shots to be remembered for a lifetime.

Now, what are you waiting for? Gear up!

Smiley Media wishes a Happy Holi to all the colorful minds. Spread joy and colors this Holi, let your Holi festival photographs speak more.  

– Written by P’enthusiasts