Geetha & Senthil

Came to know Geetha through a good friend of mine and ever since the first talk with Geetha she was specific and very particular in choosing us for the big day! Excitement gets kicked off just there. Because when someone comes to us, seeing our works, liking them already and trusting that we will give some great memories, that is when we feel all motivated, become more excited and even more responsible! Geetha is definitely a sweetie pie to work with and she’s such an amazing human being and Senthil is such a great companion for her! They just go hand in hand..


Arranged marriage! Yet the kind of cooperation they gave us was splendid! They just did what we wanted, with so much love and they were passionate together. They were so soothing among themselves and also with us and never gave even a minute sigh! Couples like them are blessings in disguise for photographers like us.


It was a traditional wedding at Pudhukottai and we love traveling for outdoor events! Weddings in these places will generally be chaotic but this was a treat to our eyes..! With a big gathering for the wedding on the stage, we made justice to our work by clicking some jaw-dropping pictures and are very sure, we have given them the best possible memories of their big day!