Happiness Personified – Gowtham with Lalithya

Gowtham and Lalithya are no strangers to us and we have seen them growing . When we heard that these two little sweet hearts were getting married, we were so happy, indeed more than them. We knew they found the destiny rightly in each other for they are the best pair when they come together. Gowtham is such a cool headed person while lalithya is calm and happy. When all perfect and imperfect things fall in the right place, it leads to a happy marriage. This is one of it. It was a four day wedding and each day was filled with so much of smiles, happiness and laughter. New hopes were peeking into both the families which we could evidently see.


We wish these two lovely people, our little juniours all happiness to continue forever. It was such a pleasure being a part of this stunning event.