Nirmal + Srivats, The Perfect Match!

It was Nirmal who called us to inquire about her engagement photography. She introduced herself saying that we did her cousin sisters wedding, who were yet another beautiful couple we shot. It always gives excitement when we get client through referrals. But little did i know there was another big surprise waiting for us.


As she kept sharing the details, she also said ” you should be knowing the groom really well too” which was an open ended statement , for us to think for a while to hear a pleasant surprise. As she said we knew the groom really well as we had done 11 events from the grooms side and we were very familiar with them, more like a family. It gave us so much of excitement and more than that, we were super happy for Nirmal as we knew she was going to be married in a family filled with beautiful people.


We were so excited about the wedding and we could not wait to meet all the couple at one place and as expected, it was a super exciting event filled with fun, love and joy!

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