Vamsi + Vishnu – A poetry of love

Weddings with lot of emotions, colours and smiles are real bliss to the photographers. Here we have the beautiful wedding of Vamsi and Vishu which is nothing less than said above!


Vishnu’s father was our point of contact as the couple were out of India and ever since the first meet with their family, it was a mere soothing experience. Unlike other parents, Vishnu’s parents understood the importance of capturing moments and were really keen in booking us for their event. We are quite sure they never had much option as we were referred by a close friend who was our previous happy client. With everything set, we had a conc call with Vamsi and Vishnu two days before the event, the day when they landed India.


With just that conversation we were excited and was pretty sure that this is gonna be yet another beautiful couple we would capture. As Vishnu narrated their story in a short and sweet way, we got familiar about the couple and believed them to be the ones who will be fun loving. They did not disappoint us! The wedding day was just so happy, for the couple, the parents, the friends, the siblings and almost everyone. Beautiful ceremonies packed our whole day with plenty of jaw dropping pictures. While the whole event was filled with lots of smiles, the knot tying moment was so precious for us from this event as we could capture the untold expressions of Vishnu which remains to be our most favorite knot tying series thats ever shot! Those eyes just expressed 1000 words and the picture just shows it all..