Yashika & Manoj

Yashika manoj – We still remember our first conversation with Yashika when she was so excited about reaching out to us for her big day. She expressed how she had visualized her wedding photography to be and every but of it was super exciting.
It was nothing less than a dream wedding. And when dreams shape up and become a reality what do we call that feeling as?
yashika and Manoj are childhood friends who are in a relationship since school and for over a decade. Knowing and marrying your best friend is the most amazing part, not just for the couple but for the wedding photographers as well. They had chosen every service like candid photography, wedding film and we were a big team out there covering their special day.
It was like being a part of an extended family event and we could resist to miss any beautiful moments. The entire two days were filled with laughter and joy. Their friends made the event more eventful keeping the momentum and energy to the highest level possible.
If we are given a chance to do it all over again, we would still have the same excitement.
Here we present some of the best shots from this lovely drool worthy couple